The Measuring CCS Consortium publishes the Final Report

The Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS) are amongst Europe’s most dynamic industries and are an important asset to generate economic growth and employment, as well as to foster social cohesion and promote diversity. According to the Annual Single Market Report 2021, the economic contribution of CCS is substantial and even greater than that of several other leading sectors such as telecommunications, high technology, pharmaceuticals, and the automotive industry. Moreover, the COVID pandemic crisis implied several challenges to CCS namely by accelerating major trends in digital and by reinforcing the need to increase efforts to develop new content and new business models. These challenges call for a rigorous measuring of the Cultural and Creative Sectors.
In fact, the need for measuring and having proper figures on the CCS responds to various demands ranging from the simple technical need for reliable results in national accounts to concrete policy demands that require accurate information on the linkages between various productive sectors, including the demands of specific sectors and actors that require accurate and detailed information to make better and more efficient decisions, or to advocate for their activities.
However, measuring the economic, cultural, and social value generated by the CCS and their specific sub-sectors is certainly not an easy task and face several challenges. These challenges include the lack of a common definition of the cultural and creative sectors, poor or inadequate data collection mechanisms for specific indicators, and outdated statistical classifications (e.g., NACE codes – Nomenclature des Activités Économiques dans la Communauté Européenne, Nomenclature of Economic Activities) regarding accounting for digitalisation and capturing the value generated by online services.
Within this context, the European Commission launched a Call for proposals to address these challenges and build a new statistical framework for measuring the cultural and creative sectors, to enable regular statistical analysis of the economic, cultural, and social potential of the CCS in Europe. The Consortium behind this Project – under the name Measuring the Cultural and Creative Sectors in the EU – submitted a research Proposal that was selected.’
This Report is the concluding and closing document marking the end of our research. The proposal had three main goals: (i) to propose a new framework with an updated definition of the scope of the “Cultural and Creative Sectors”, to better quantify the CCS and ensure comparability at European Union (EU) level of all available data; (ii) to develop new methods for capturing and quantifying online services in the CCS, and (iii) to provide updated economic figures on the CCS.
Click on the image to read the report. Click here to access the Final Report factsheets. The Corrigendum can be found here.