Summary contributions of Measuring CCS Hackathon are now available!

Coming out of the recently concluded Hackathon on November 29th, 2021, the Measuring CCS team presents a final document that summarizes the main contributions of the very knowledgeable and varied participants – a selected number of key stakeholders in the Cultural and Creative Sectors.

You can view these results in an easy-to-read magazine below, or download the PDF version here

The summary document highlights the reasoning for the event and explains the distribution of challenges, groups and participants. Most significantly, it presents a synthesis of the main discussion points of the sessions. Within the document we also highlight the individuals and organisations who joined in to collaborate with the Measuring CCS researchers

The Hackathon represented a tool that allowed Measuring CCS researchers and collaborators to have an open consultative space between the definition and engagement of sources and the research processes that allowed external stakeholders to interact strategically to explore relevant options, collaborations, datasets and topics.

The project’s researchers imagined it to be a forum to stimulate inspiration, ideation and integration as they tackled emerging gaps in this very important exercise of the Measuring CCS project, which is to review the gaps in the current methodology to measure the cultural sector (official and non-official statistics). Also, seeing it as a way to allow for cross-fertilisation of research, projects and initiatives that are so necessary to understanding the current gaps. We continue to work closely with the European Commission, Eurostat, and a number of national organizations across the EU.

A special thank you to all the participants and organisations that participated in the event and to the European Commission and EUROSTAT for their continued close collaboration in all elements of this project.